Jordy Valderrama

Jordy Valderrama, perulainen nukketeatteri- ja mimiikkataiteilija, sekä teatteriohjaaja edustaa festivaalimme taiteilijakaartia, joka on nähnyt ja kokenut maailmaa useasta perspektiivistä: hän on opiskellut ja työskennellyt ympäri maailmaa, Perussa, Costa Ricassa, Espanjassa, Ranskassa, Yhdysvalloissa ja Englannissa. Tällä hetkellä hän asuu ja työskentelee Helsingissä. Uraa uurtanut taiteilija on myös taidekasvatuksen opettaja, jonka erityisala on draamataide. Jordy on “Nukketeatteri Kulkijat” johtaja, sekä Suomen UNIMA että Catalysti Transcultural Artist in Finland -järjestöjen jäsen.


Formed as a mime, actor, dancer and puppeteer, Jordy Valderrama has taken courses with renowned national and international figures of the Dramatic Arts in Peru, Costa Rica, Spain, France, USA and the United Kingdom. He studied mime and masks with Norma Berrade, Argentinian mime and director, moving to dance from these grounds and later on to Classical Theatre at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts and at the Desmond Jones School of Mime in London, United Kingdom.

Mr. Valderrama is also a Licensed Teacher of Art Education with a major in Dramatic Arts and has recently been graduated at Haaga-Helia Univiersity of Applied Sciences in Finland as a Vocational Teacher (Ammatillinen Opettaja - AmO) and is Pedagogue recognised by the Finnish National Agency for Education.

He has widely taught, directed and performed Mime, Circus, Dance, Puppets, and Drama. Theatre Pedagogy and Show Management are part of his expertise which also includes lightning, customs and scenery design; he has also attended facial prosthetics and puppets for TV courses through scholarships in Madrid and Tolosa, Spain. He has worked for the Education Ministry of Peru, schools and educational institutions for the past 30 years, in Peru, Costa Rica and Finland while performing and directing.

Jordy Valderrama is founder and director of the Puppet Theatre Company Transeúntes Teatro de Títeres. He is member of UNIMA Finland, Catalysti Transcultural Artists in Finland, Aurinko - música de Latinoamérica and Founder member of Kulkijat ry Cultural Association and of Cirko Criollo ry. Currently he lives and works in Finland. Teaches mime, dance and clown techniques at Cirkus Helsinki and directs the "Spanish Theatre Group" at Caisa Cultural Centre. He has also participated in The Savonlinna Opera Festival in 2016 and 2017 as Stage Fight Choreographer and fencer, actor and Language interpreter.