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/ 09.05.2018 / 19.00

SANGVINICUS & MELANCHOLICUS From tragedy to ultimate joy, concertos and suites.

Encanto House Band:
Georg Kallweit, Anthony Marini / violin
Laura Kajander / viola
Jussi Seppänen / cello
Anna Rinta-Rahko / double bass
Elina Albach / cembalo

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/ 10.05.2018 / 19.00

HYPOCONDRIE Ah, to know of the healing effects of Telemann’s music!

Encanto House Band, Anthony Marini, violin

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/ 11.05.2018 / 19.00

BACH? Violin sonatas, but are all from the pen of Bach?

Georg Kallweit / violin
Elina Albach / harpsichord

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/ 12.05.2018 / 18.00

TANGO The beautiful soul found in tango music

Mikko Helenius & Tango Band

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/ 12.05.2018 / 20.00

MY DEAREST, MY FAIREST Dinner for two!

Juan Kruz Díaz de Garaio Esnaola & Joanna Dudley

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/ 13.05.2018 / 16.00

DRAMA FINNICUM The comical story of a legendary arranger, music critic and choir conductor Klemetti as well as the link between Finland and choral singing

Irja Kajander-Vierkens (script, direction and visual presentation)
Suomen Laulu Choir directed by Esko Kallio
Salla Karakorpi, piano
Jenni Lättilä, soprano

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A festival which brings a new concert experience to Kauniainen

The next edition of the Encanto Festival will be held 9.-12.5.2018.


Kauniainen is a bilingual city beside Helsinki, Finland. It has a cosy communal character which makes it especially well-suited to host a festival that emphasizes multiculturalism as a positive and enriching way of life. Kauniainen’s concert hall “Uusi Paviljonki”, church and villas are perfect spaces that are well-suited for Encanto Festival’s intimate events. Kauniainen is located very close to Helsinki, and the aim is to have doors open for the local people as well as visitors from Finland and abroad.

There have been extensive studies into the performance practice of early music. The phrasing, articulation and knowledge of instruments have all developed the approach to baroque music, raising the quality of modern-day performances to a very high level. While concentrating on the technical aspects of music making, the human and emotional approaches have not received enough attention. When one sees old paintings, it is easy to see the diversity of concert scenes and ways that everyone enjoys the music. It is important for Encanto to encourage the awareness of the emotional aspects of art that brings us joy.

By changing some of the more subtle details of the traditional concert, it is possible to create an exciting new atmosphere that does not remind us of a performance where people must sit quietly and follow strict rituals of applause and dress code. By experimenting with the locations of the musicians, as well as lighting and theatrical elements, it is possible to create a new experience for audiences of all ages. Co-operation with Radialsystem V offers Encanto a unique exchange of ideas.

Mixing artists from different countries is a fundamental part of Encanto’s work. It creates possibilities for co-operative and inventive exchanges between the artists. Bringing high quality artists together can bear fruit that no one could imagine; we eagerly look forward to seeing what the future holds!