Program 2018

”Beauty and Melancholy”
Artistic direction: Georg Kallweit

/ 08.05.2018 / 19.00 /
International School of Helsinki, Selkämerenkatu 11

ADALMINA A princess’ musical adventure for children

Encanto House Band:

Georg Kallweit, Anthony Marini, violin
Laura Kajander, viola
Jussi Seppänen, cello
Anna Rinta-Rahko, double bass and violone
Elina Albach, 
Directon: Jordy Valderrama

Peruvian puppeteer, mime artist and stage director Jordy Valderrama and the Encanto House Band dive into a surreal fairytale world, where the strength of beauty and music overcomes evil. Princess Adalmina has fallen into a deep depression because a dragon has cast her into a magical world. Although all kinds of worldly treasures are within her grasp, the most important ones are missing: sun, love, music and friends. In order to save the princess from this predicament, she must overcome many obstacles, all with the help of the children and musicians. This promises to be an entertaining concert experience for all!

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/ 09.05.2018 / 19.00 /
Villa Kivi, Linnunlauluntie 7, Helsinki

SANGVINICUS & MELANCHOLICUS From tragedy to ultimate joy, concertos and suites.

Encanto House Band:
Georg Kallweit, Anthony Marini / violin
Laura Kajander / viola
Jussi Seppänen / cello
Anna Rinta-Rahko / double bass
Elina Albach / cembalo

The main theme of the concert covers beauty and melancholy, as well as joy and sadness flavoured with humour. The main character of the concert is composer Georg Philipp Telemann. Excerpts from Telemann’s autobiography will be read throughout the evening. The unforgettable concert will be offered by the Encanto House Band and Georg Kallweit.

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/ 11.05.2018 / 19.00 /
Eläintarhan huvila, Eläintarhantie 14, Helsinki

BACH? Violin sonatas, but are all from the pen of Bach?

Georg Kallweit / violin
Elina Albach / harpsichord

In addition to Bach’s familiar violin sonatas, in this concert we hear works of unsure provenance. Due to the form and high quality, it is interesting to hear these works side-by-side, some of which are surely Bach’s compositions, while others are arrangements or by unknown composers. During the “Bach?” evening, we get to hear what two world-class baroque virtuosos can do with some of the greatest music ever written.

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/ 12.05.2018 / 18.00 /
Villa Kivi, Linnunlauluntie 7, Helsinki

TANGO The beautiful soul found in tango music

Mikko Helenius & Tango Band

There has been a long-standing dispute between Finland and Argentina over the birthplace of the tango. Luckily the answer doesn’t matter, because the most important is the happiness that comes from the existence of tango. So beautiful, but still sad. No other kind of music or dance could illustrate nearly as much liberating melancholy as well as a sense of happiness. The sadness of the soul or frenzy of dance hold out against everyday grayness. Put on your dancing shoes! This sensational concert will feature Mikko Helenius and the Tango Band.

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/ 12.05.2018 / 20.00 /
Kapsäkki, Hämeentie 68, Helsinki

MY DEAREST, MY FAIREST Dinner for two!

Juan Kruz Díaz de Garaio Esnaola & Joanna Dudley

This spectacular musical theatre production has attracted attention from audiences all around the world. An exquisite couple sit opposite one another at a formally set dining table and play host to this elegant evening. Between them an intimate and heartbreakingly beautiful conversation takes place- not through words but music. The virtuosic couple are the choreographer, dancer and counter tenor Juan Kruz Diaz de Garaio Esnaola and singer, performer and creator Joanna Dudley. Juan and Joanna share with their guests their most prized passion- their personal collection of toys. Juan and Joanna musically convey the long history of love- sung, whistled and played on toy pianos, kazoos, music boxes, cowbells, a toy car, a yellow rabbit, a red bear and a marching band glockenspiel. The Sephardic renaissance, English Baroque, Italian arias, American blues and Spanish pop songs undergo delicate transformations, slowly evolving with love and tenderness.

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/ 09.05.2018 / 10.00 /
New Pavilion, Läntinen koulupolku 3, Kauniainen

ADALMINA A princess’ musical adventure for children

Jordy Valderrama, Alba Valderrama, Maria Gracia Valderrama, Iika Hartikainen and Encanto House Band

Peruvian marionette theatre and mime artists, as well as director Jordy Valderrama and the Encanto House Band, throw themselves into a surreal fairy tale land, where the music and beauty overcome evil. This entertaining concert experience is being offered free of charge. Places are assigned on a first come, first served basis. Registration and inquiries can be sent to encanto(at)

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/ 10.05.2018 / 10.00 /
Kauniainen Church, Kavallintie 3, Kauniainen

CANTATA A cantata mass

Encanto House Band and Chorus Granielis join forces, directed by Anna Marte.

A cantata mass. Free entry.

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/ 10.05.2018 / 19.00 /
Kauniainen Church, Kavallintie 3, Kauniainen

HYPOCONDRIE Ah, to know of the healing effects of Telemann’s music!

Encanto House Band, Anthony Marini, violin

This program contains both music Telemann and his contemporaries. Taking the stage will be the Encanto House Band, led by the Helsinki-based Italian-American Anthony Marini.

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/ 13.05.2018 / 16.00 /
New Pavilion , Läntinen koulupolku 3, Kauniainen

DRAMA FINNICUM The comical story of a legendary arranger, music critic and choir conductor Klemetti as well as the link between Finland and choral singing

Irja Kajander-Vierkens (script, direction and visual presentation)
Suomen Laulu Choir directed by Esko Kallio
Salla Karakorpi, piano
Jenni Lättilä, soprano

The comical story of a legendary arranger, music critic and choir conductor Klemetti as well as the link between Finland and choral singing.

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