ADALMINA A princess’ musical adventure for children

08.05.2018 / 19.00 /
International School of Helsinki, Selkämerenkatu 11

Peruvian puppeteer, mime artist and stage director Jordy Valderrama and the Encanto House Band dive into a surreal fairytale world, where the strength of beauty and music overcomes evil. Princess Adalmina has fallen into a deep depression because a dragon has cast her into a magical world. Although all kinds of worldly treasures are within her grasp, the most important ones are missing: sun, love, music and friends. In order to save the princess from this predicament, she must overcome many obstacles, all with the help of the children and musicians. This promises to be an entertaining concert experience for all!

Encanto House Band:

Georg Kallweit, Anthony Marini, violin
Laura Kajander, viola
Jussi Seppänen, cello
Anna Rinta-Rahko, double bass and violone
Elina Albach, 
Directon: Jordy Valderrama