SANGVINICUS & MELANCHOLICUS From tragedy to ultimate joy, concertos and suites.

09.05.2018 / 19.00 /
Villa Kivi, Linnunlauluntie 7, Helsinki

The main theme of the concert covers beauty and melancholy, as well as joy and sadness flavoured with humour. The main character of the concert is composer Georg Philipp Telemann. Excerpts from Telemann’s autobiography will be read throughout the evening. The unforgettable concert will be offered by the Encanto House Band and Georg Kallweit.

Encanto House Band:
Georg Kallweit, Anthony Marini / violin
Laura Kajander / viola
Jussi Seppänen / cello
Anna Rinta-Rahko / double bass
Elina Albach / cembalo

Telemann's music