FRIENDS OF AMARILLIS The joy and celebration of musical theatre!

Foto: Folkert Uhde

16.04.2016 / 20.00 / Uusi Paviljonki
Läntinen koulupolku 3

Friends of Amarillis is an evening of entertaining musical theatre, in which music is the binding force in the various relationships between three people. The evening starts as a harp concert, but is filled with unexpected twists and turns as the the story unfolds without the use of words. The two gentlemen beg for the attention of the fair maiden, giving way to a complex mix of seduction, passion and confusion. These three musicians bring a wide range of instrumental expertise, from violin to contrabass, from percussion to bagpipes and from harp to a loop machine. Let’s enjoy music making, while breaking free from normal conventions and throwing them to the fire! The playlist includes music from Caccini’s Amarilli, Django Reinhardt, excerpts from various works by J.S. Bach, a jaw-harp concerto, and a collection of Händel’s love arias. The performance will be followed by a celebration, including food and drink provided by the creative catering team at Ruokaruukku!

Urbans Strings: Margret Köll, Georg Kallweit, Michael Metzler
Dramaturgy and space: Folkert Uhde and Ilka Seifert
Lighting: Karel Witt

“Fantastic imagery, enthusiasm and a zest for the experimental…” (Der Freitag). What begins as a celebratory baroque harp concert turns out during the course of the evening to be a bizarre game full of surprises. A tale without any words about attentiveness and seduction, passion and disappointment… The three musicians, who are in the top of their class amongst baroque instrumentalists, pull out all the stops in this performance.

Harp: Margret Köll
Violin and other instruments: Georg Kallweit
Perkussion and other instruments: Michael Metzler
Drama and space: Folkert Uhde and Ilka Seifert