Program 2016
What we love

Some find great joy in gardening, family or hobbies. Others find their meaning with friends, music, nature or other art forms. All of us have hopes, dreams and our own desires, and these thrilling moments of diversity are important parts of what makes up a happy life. Sometimes disappointment, suffering, detachment and failures also leave their mark on our lives. A background in the arts helps us to realise the desire to fulfill our dreams and discover the beauty that surrounds us. This diversity is present in the birth of the arts and is the foundation of all art forms. This new festival touches on all of these subjects.

/ 13.04.2016 / 19.30 / Villa Kivi
Linnunlauluntie 7, Helsinki

Linnunlaulu artistic salon Prelude in Helsinki

Liisi Huhtala, literature professor emeritus
Roman Schatz, writer and lecturer
Encanto House Band: Hanna Haapamäki, Georg Kallweit, Anthony Marini, Laura Kajander, Lauri Pulakka, Anna Rinta-Rahko, Petteri Pitko

Festive music and spoken word, without forgetting historical literature!

Music and leterature!

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/ 15.04.2016 / 19.00 / Kauniainen church
Kavallintie 3

OUVERTURE Celebration of choral music

Ensemble Thios Omilos;
Choirs and vocal ensembles from Kauniainen: Grankulla Chamber Choir, Hele, Grazia, Kauniainen Church Choir, Kiwi, Madrigal Choir, the Swedish Oratorio Choir
Also including: Bulevardi Chamber Music Society

A concert for choral music lovers! Thios Omilos is the world-renowned vocal ensemble made up of former members of the St. Thomas Choir of Leipzig. Together and separately, local choirs and singers bring the festival theme of “What We Love” to life by presenting some of their favorite music.

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/ 16.04.2016 / 14.00 / Uusi Paviljonki
Läntinen koulupolku 3

DON QUIJOTE Family concert

Anni Elonen, käsikirjoitus ja juonto
Maie Mei, visuaalinen toteutus
Kitaristeja, jousisoittajia, laulajia ja big band -väkeä eri musiikkiopistoista
Kauniaisten kuvataidekoulu, kuvitukset

Guitarists, string players, singers, and a big band from various area music schools bring along the whole family for a musical journey through Don Quijote’s world.

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/ 16.04.2016 / 15.00 /


Michael Mezler, Roman Schatz

In a beautiful home near the center of Kauniainen, salon music is improvised by Michael Mezler (historical percussion), while Roman Schatz will charm the audience with his captivating dialogue. The home fits 40 people. The address will be sent to those who have bought tickets ahead of time.

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/ 16.04.2016 / 15.00 /


Margret Köll, baroque harp

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/ 16.04.2016 / 15.00 / Kauniala hospital
Kylpyläntie 19


Daniel Velho, magician
Encanto House Band

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/ 16.04.2016 / 18.00 / Kauniainen church
Kavallintie 3

THIOS OMILOS St. Thomas Choir of Leipzig Vocal Ensemble

Ensamble Thios Omilos:
Patrick Grahl, tenor
Cornelius Frommelt, tenor
Tobias Ay, baritone
Philipp Goldman, bass

A concert for those who enjoy stunning vocal chamber music! Thios Omilos will present a program with everything from sacred to secular music, from popular songs to arrangements of folk music. Some of the composers that will be featured include Schubert, Vaughan Williams and Mendelssohn. YLE (the Finnish Broadcasting Company) will broadcast the concert.

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/ 16.04.2016 / 20.00 / Uusi Paviljonki
Läntinen koulupolku 3

FRIENDS OF AMARILLIS The joy and celebration of musical theatre!

Urbans Strings: Margret Köll, Georg Kallweit, Michael Metzler
Dramaturgy and space: Folkert Uhde and Ilka Seifert
Lighting: Karel Witt

Friends of Amarillis is an evening of entertaining musical theatre, in which music is the binding force in the various relationships between three people. The evening starts as a harp concert, but is filled with unexpected twists and turns as the the story unfolds without the use of words. The two gentlemen beg for the attention of the fair maiden, giving way to a complex mix of seduction, passion and confusion. These three musicians bring a wide range of instrumental expertise, from violin to contrabass, from percussion to bagpipes and from harp to a loop machine. Let’s enjoy music making, while breaking free from normal conventions and throwing them to the fire! The playlist includes music from Caccini’s Amarilli, Django Reinhardt, excerpts from various works by J.S. Bach, a jaw-harp concerto, and a collection of Händel’s love arias. The performance will be followed by a celebration, including food and drink provided by the creative catering team at Ruokaruukku!

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/ 17.04.2016 / 10.00 / Kauniainen church
Kavallintie 3


Anna Marte, Patrik Grahl, Philipp Goldman, Encanto House Band, Chorus Granielis

J. S. Bach: Allein zu Dir, Herr Jesu Christ

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/ 17.04.2016 / 12.00 / Kauniainen church
Kavallintie 3


Festival artists

J. S. Bach: Allein zu Dir, Herr Jesu Christ

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/ 17.04.2016 / 16.00 / Uusi Paviljonki and other spaces
Läntinen koulupolku 3


Chamber Choir Utopia
Thios Omilos
Urban Strings
Encanto House Band

Mini-concerts will be offered in different spaces: one can pick their favorite items from “the menu” and create one’s own concert experience! A wide variety of well-loved works will be played in different places, culminating in the final united climax in Uusi Paviljonki’s main concert hall. The festival concludes with Purcell’s chaconne “How Happy the Love”.

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